Kinship - Worldwide Digital Release August 24, 2018
Kinship Nominated! - The Julian Award for Excellence

Kinship Launched!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to hear the music and celebrate the release of Kinship at Jazz Bistro and to everyone who's downloaded or streamed it online!!!

I've been thrilled with the warm reception the album has received in numerous reviews and it's selection for the State of Jazz Playlist on Spotify. 

To Shirantha Beddage, Jeff McLeodMike DownesCurtis Nowosad: You guys are the best! Thanks for putting such heart and artistry into the music both in the studio and on stage!!

Tom Richards, Michael Haas, Anne de Haas, Ian Hendrickson-Smith, Bruce Bradley, Ernesto Cervini, Dan Fortin, Monica McKenna, Hector Flores , Sybil Walker, Thom Varey, Ewan Divitt & Divitt Trumpets! Doesn't happen without you all! THANK YOU!

Siobhan Pittman - Thank you for your love & support!

Thanks to the whole The Sterling Hall School family! Your support and enthusiasm is extraordinary and deeply felt!! No better place, no better people!

Thanks to The Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent On Recordings (FACTOR) and Toronto Arts Council for believing in the project!

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